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Monday, July 16, 2007

New York Inventor & author speaks out !

06/07 - wrote:
Dear Arnie,

While browsing the internet on the "Findlaw" website, I came across your Oct. 7, 2002 e-mail to Mitch Albom, regarding your Perfecta Grip invention. You mentioned how a fraudulent and corrupt patent system had allowed others to infringe and steal your invention. In trying to get press regarding your problem, you stated that most won't touch the subject for fear of challenging a government system. You also mentioned that you picketed a former law firm for 3 days before you got TV coverage regarding your problem.
I can sympathize with you, because I've also been taken by a corrupt patent system, plus a corrupt judicial system. In my case I invented a bowling ball covered by Pat. No. Re. 34,614. To talk about corruption in the Patent Office, it took me 12 years to receive the patent, because Patent Office Examiners favor corporations, and therefore, try to force independent inventors into receiving the weakest patent protection possible, so that corporations can easily circumvent or outright steal the patent. This is just the tip of the iceberg, because if you are an independent inventor and successful in receiving strong patent protection, you will more than likely get involved in court litigation, and encounter corrupt federal judges. Since the federal court system favors corporations with the big bucks, your patent will be invalidated, as my patent was.
Since you mentioned that you had a hard time getting press to expose the corrupt patent system, you can imagine the problem I had trying to get press to expose the corrupt United States judicial system. To expose corrupt federal court judges, I picketed the federal courthouse, and was completely ignored by newspaper an TV news media, because of judicial terrorism. Since I was unsuccessful in getting news media coverage, I wrote a book that exposes the corruption occurring in the U.S. Patent Office and the U.S. Federal Courts.
To get a more thorough assessment of the corruption, view my website at:


Joseph A. Gentiluomo

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hello… We represent the non-profit organization called - N.I.P.P.E.R.S.
or, the “National Intellectual Property Protection & Equal Rights Service”.

Are you an Independent Inventor - with a good idea..? Maybe you’re a
Small Corporation, just getting started out in the world of “Big Business”.
Perhaps, you’re a modest housewife, or merely a “poverty level” survivor
gifted with a keen mind, and you possess a burning desire to get ahead?
Then I’m proud to say that N.I.P.P.E.R.S.” - was created to help people - just like you!

All people... regardless of their education, background status, or even ability to pay, . . . should be receiving equal treatment under The Law, when it comes to protecting one’s Ideas and/or Intellectual Processes.
We are all equally entitled to nothing less - so don’t you stand for it I!!
Why, should we be repeatedly exploited…? (for many thousands of dollars
- in our striving to make the world a better place) …only to find out (after many years of diligence) the harsh reality that your “disclosures” - (ideas, that you’d spent good money on, & lots of effort to express and portray) - have been used to provide a “blueprint” for others. Far too frequently, individuals or “corporations” are allowed to “overwrite”, and are perhaps even encouraged to blatantly copy & steal - that which is rightfully yours.
Still worse... many large firms have their highly paid “patent team” work long hours in effort to “break” your patent... which incidentally, [to them] only exists to give them - every possible advantage in expertly fashioning their own upgraded version of your idea.
Presently, it works something like this

A.) You set up a meeting - to discuss (divulge) your IP idea(s).
(They decide whether or not it’s worth stealing...) & if not,
you get a quick “token patent” - for you to hang on your wall,
& show to your grand kids.

B.) Then they may tell you... that they must do a – “patent search” to determine the “merit” of your idea. More realistically, this process could also buy them time - to shop it around their list (…of "black marketplace” - corporate customers).

C.) After they have determined its validity (and net worth) a “fee structure”
is then quickly established by the firm (based mainly on your ability to
pay & acquire capital). These ‘fees” are usually vague & seemingly
affordable in the beginning.

D.) The stages that are to then follow… become increasingly ambiguous, as well as costly - and, you’re constantly reminded that most of the actual “control” is in the hands of the USPTO’s “Primary Examiner” who was assigned to your case (with whom you’re not to correspond).

E.) The Lawyer & PTO then start you paying (on a regular basis) for a process... which is to remain forever-undefined, (but conveniently changes) on what seems to be a daily basis [… the outcome of which, they (singularly) claim to have, no ultimate direct control].

F.) The client is then stalled for undeterminable amounts of time for - expensive, frequently wasted - "Office Actions” that all too often become hopelessly convoluted by “the powers that be”. Does, a(deliberately contorted, and ever-changing) set of rules, set in a foreign language [...Patentese] - fully offer the true inventor all of their unquestionable rights - to “Due Process”? PTO processes (which can take years to complete), involve a game of “legalistic - Cat & Mouse” or, more simply defined, a game of - foreign language “Give & Take” whereby, your invention is typically redefined by an array of people, many of whose salaries are paid (although indirectly) by the very corporate entities that will be stealing it.

G.) Apparently - perpetrated by a rogue system that benefits [itself], by overcomplicating all that which should otherwise be simple in our opinion - our government could do a quicker & better job of protecting our inherent rights, if the financial incentive factor were completely removed or better yet - reversed. Dragging out Intellectual Property matters, should NOT be a money-maker for the Government. In fact, Patents should be completely fashioned and paid for federally, and, it should cost them, not the inventor (as is now the case) - for its delay.

(H) Should the independent inventor try to become overly involved with the formal process they are then referred to as a “troublesome client”. Alternately, if they choose the more passive approach, and try to allow the “professional” attorney to do his job, the client is ultimately forced to make a series of difficult and uncomfortable decisions (for which, they can later be held accountable) - any one of which, can and usually does lead to their self- destruction, protectively speaking. In esence… should you desire involvement - they tend to distance you. Should you desire to be uninvolved - you’re embroiled. The System, then blames the (pre-concocted) disastrous outcome -on YOU! By the way... this is all done quietly, in secret (from the outside world) - in a foreign language… ( which conveniently, only the lawyers themselves, and the PTO - understand) …Patentese !!!

Don’t you think it would be logically appropriate, to have the means to have your “rights” discussed... openly and honestly at any time, & defined in simple language - that is comprehensible and accessible to everyone?
Why should you have to pay huge amounts of money, every time any question arises? (which... our System, you can bet, will ensure… is often.)

When you purchase any product, is it not warranted - in some logical way?
Why should their “product” – namely, “Intellectual Property Protection”
- be any different’? (Your life is significantly more important than a toaster.)
Shouldn’t these “protection merchants”(themselves), be made to answer
& even be made - financially and legally - responsible or viable... in the ever-present event their professionally procured “protection” — fails???

Should your disclosure ever be violated or capitalized on by anyone, they... (the procurers of your protection), should take immediate action in defense
of their work, reputation, & profession . . .or, should otherwise then be held accountable for whatever eventual negative outcome, or hardship - [ that you their client, may be forced to bear] - ultimately deemed to have been caused by their improper course of action, in protecting you. After all... isn’t that, what Legal malpractice was (originally) aimed to prevent?
If not, what is “legal malpractice insurance” - and why does it exist?
Each lawyer should know, the firm’s reputation is on the line - mindful that the integrity of the entire “Legal System” is formed by their performance.
All clients’ rights should be paramount, and all should be treated equally.

Should the lawyer be allowed to fail their client - the firm has then failed. If this is allowed to occur on a regular basis, the integrity & overall respect for our “Legal System” itself, is compromised - leading to its eventual collapse.

How can one possibly fight their own battle, in such a vague battleground where there exist strict (ever-changing) rules - [fashioned in foreign tongue and so purposefully emplaced] - in order to render us defenseless?

Inevitably, when you finally reach the harsh realization that your cherished (initially virginal) chosen -‘field of discovery”, has become overgrown with the “weeds of infringement” — the patent firm then... takes great delight in informing you that you now - have the “right” to “go after them” and... they’ll gladly help you do so..!
[...for about $175.00 per/hour -or- $150,000.00 - whichever comes first!]

That’s right, because you have a patent, you now have the right to sue an [obvious] Infnnger...
(which, coincidentally did not exist - until after your disclosure was made) …at your own expense!

For all practical purposes, for the majority - this process is futile. I say this, because - even if you have unlimited money at your immediate disposal, (a condition which few of us enjoy) — the “System”, will not only drain you of it, but along with the money, you’ll also be drained of all of your positive & creative motivational forces, and sense of well being - once the “System” has finished having its way with you.
It is in other words, (strategically) legally & immorally designed to strip you of your health, your wealth, and everything else, including your pride.
This is our opinion - unless this right has been lost too - we’re entitled to it!

So… before calling 1-(800)-IDEA...

and walking right into the complex & ever-changing real life spiders web of today’s - Patent System... E-mail “N.l.P.P.E.R.S” today!!! and we’ll print your “Intellectual Property horror story” online… and “Nip the problem in the bud”
NOW! >>> {Before its too late !} <<<>Direct E-mail stories & comments to:

Primary Inventors... need looking after too

Dear Mr. O'reilly...

I've been writing to you for years now, so how 'bout a reply?
I'm a primary inventor who has been trying to gain support for my
pioneering invention (already proved in public domain)...yet no one
in the legal world will help for either love or money. WHY NOT???
Finally out of frustration, I contacted LPS (coincidently at Gene Quinn's suggestion).
General Patent Corporation International
Montebello Park
75 Montebello Rd.
Suffern, NY 10901-3740
Att.: Director of Licensing LPS Group - Licensing Products and Services
to make my feelings & desires known, and anticipating their future help.
The BBB was emailed several times & places - on GPCI, but refused to answer me.
(GPCI says in their website they've been around for 13 years, so I figured I'd write.)

I have a PERFECT situation for such an entity (or law firm for that matter), yet I can get no one's interest. With our economy desperate for new industries - and the
new jobs they'd in turn create...this makes no sense to me. Please enlighten me.
The fact such ventures have been "unprofitable" for them in the past has nothing
what so ever to do with my current platinum opportunity.
When I instinctively pressed them for a few answers about past successes, or their
absence of inventor's positive testimonials...they dropped me instantly!
I wrote them again (out of disbelief) but got no reply. Then, I get this "link" from them
today - where embedded I find the MSNBC "Inventors Scammed" story.
My question to you is:
Are they any different from those other companies & if so... HOW ???

click here for more details


Its easy to say;
"If It Ain't Broke - Don't Fix It!"

But what about if it is..?


Our current Patent & Legal Systems - are a JOKE
& the Joke is on us!!!)
An honest Independent Inventor logged onto a Patent & Legal forum to ask
one simple question:
Where can one like me, find some "honest help?"
Then I joined in, &asked the same question... in a slightly different way.
The following post-string should provide some answers, if you are perceptive.

(The following forum is comprised of about 95% lawyers..yet note how many views we got)

Please note;
*This entire string was removed, so the link to it is now inoperable....but,
a few of us had it saved offline & we managed to reconstruct just about everything said.
---- AG "InventorA.") I didn't ask the question... but I DO intend to get the answer !!!,13173.0.html

"Those who have nothing to hide,
...have nothing to fear".

- InventorA.

* SEE: recovered text (herein below) as quoted from the Intelproplaw legal webforum.

click here to see recovered postings


Ignored Rights of the Common Individual
[…With Liberty and Justice for – ALL?]

Our society's average working class - cannot afford the high cost of “justice,” especially concerning legal issues where “Corporate Malpractice” or “Governmental Misconduct” has occurred.
(...Could this possibly exist - by design?)
The “Scales of Justice” are in a serious state of disrepair, and in fact need some major re-balancing because - as it currently stands, for all practical purposes -- only the rich and powerful can now afford the lengthy litigation process, primarily and purposefully designed with “billable hours” –
in mind.

Why should we not have a system incorporated, which, would delegate or appoint an attorney in all cases wherein an individual who requires justice in any capacity - can, in turn receive it, without deleting his entire life's savings in order to get the justice to which he is already entitled -- by law.

When the client has exhausted all financial resources, should they then be forced to forfeit all of their rights, simply because they ran a few dollars short?

“At what price -- Justice...” where Patent and Intellectual Property infringement are concerned?

As it stands only the rich corporations can even attempt to protect such assets, because they have essentially cornered the market - on “protection”.

This is dramatically evident when the all important “Claims” of an independent Inventor's Patent, are compared to those same Claims in big corporate patents.

Why should an honest inventor, not have equivalent rights to fair representation -- as the common criminal? Today’s inventor presently has no viable option, which will not deplete their life's savings, in their futile attempt to do the seemingly impossible or . . . protect the invention well enough so as to dissuade others from infringing. In most cases, providing the idea is worth stealing - they will not be successful. [He who has the money - wins.]

What if, the attorneys were consistently paid the same standardized (& affordable) flat rates by all -- regardless of the client's net worth, then... what they earned would be determined by the quality -- as opposed to the quantity - of their work. They then, in essence, would all be working for themselves, as well as for their client - on a constant basis.

We would then have a much fairer & considerably more efficient - Legal system. Everyone, would then (at least initially) have the same chance - to be heard. Malpractice awards should be the driving motivator for lawyers - not Up-front legal fees. If the current system of protecting only the affluent is not entirely unconstitutional already -- it should be!

The reason for malpractice insurance should be explored first and foremost at every opportunity and by all types of lawyers, because that is where their financial incentive lies -- and rightfully so. If our lawyers were suddenly somehow encouraged... to bring to justice the real “corporate wrongdoers” . . . on behalf of the commoner - (with malpractice award settlements acting as deterrents to keep potential wrongdoers in constant check) - the IP world would then be a much better place. And, our trusted lawyers -- would then, have an endless stream of happy clients, and a clear conscience as well.

Dec. 1~2OOO

Mr. Fieger,

I have written these observations, because I am currently embroiled in frustration over my current state of affairs, regarding what amounts to, no less than five “formal” attempts to protect (and market) my primary invention - which I have developed , over the last eleven years. I have extensive documentation for my pioneering technology, which dates back through 1987. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed the enriching experience of honing my idea into a phenomenally successful, and viable product, I do not feel that I am being allowed to properly define & protect it. I am quite certain of this, and I also know that I am certainly, not the first -- to have experienced this infuriating ordeal.

Our patent system is currently quite unrealistic (at best), and, more than likely highly corrupted. In closing this letter, I'd like to say that my case history, has all of the necessary elements to provide you with a litigating attorney's - fantasy. However, I'm tired of being played by the system.
(Show me... its merciful side!)

My father passed away recently, on February 6th* His dream was to see my invention - realized. He would have… had our “System” been at all honest. Unfortunately - it's not.

But,,. it's not too late for us to change things... for the sake of many other's -- unrealized dreams! After all, if we don't change it… who will?
Will you help me? (and, inventors - everywhere)
My family & I will pray for your response.

We hope, you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

Very truly yours,
Arnie Goldman –
Inventor/Founder PGI

Perfecta-Grip Industries Inc. - 25851 S. River Park Dr. Inkster, Mi. 48141 (313)- 586-2424

Fwd: Patent System Reform Ideas
Sunday, July 6, 2003 2:37 PM
From: "arnie goldman"
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I am fed up with this, and will not be ignored.
Since I have heard no direct response - regarding my ongoing issue
(below) - from anyone.... with regard to this blatant travesty of justice,
consider the following "notice"... which will now serve as a beginning
- of the end... of your inhumane "System" of convoluting the inherent
rights of honest independent inventors. We the honest...denounce it.
(The following blue "notice' has been sent to the entire patent system)
Further ignorance with respect to this ongoing [and rapidly escalating]
problem - will only worsen it.
I am trying to help - but I am running out of reasonable options,
...and patience.
To those it should concern;
I’m sending this in response to your recent casual dismissal
of my formal attempt to elicit your help - primarily to rectify
gross wrongdoing - for the sake of honest inventors everywhere.
You misinterpreted my plea for simple directive instruction
to be just one more opportunity to squelch still another’s…
unattainable aim (at least, through the eyes of your system).
You used the words “no chance” - in reply to my simple request.
That phrase - synonymous with the word “impossible” - does
not exist in this primary inventor’s vocabulary.
There is always a chance.
There is always a way [when one intends] - to do the right thing.
If your system were truly designed with the intent - to help [the
true inventor properly define &] disclose his dream to the world
- that goal would be evident. Whatever your system’s objective is,
it’s overall reason for being, is most certainly not the one above.
It has been said , that - “Nothing can withstand persistence”.
I can assure you that my particular level of persistence, is foreign
to your system. With God, and my resolve…all things are possible.
You have been sent the truth of the matter, and previously ignored it.
You will now accept - the fact that I have paid good money, in order
to convey to the world - a set of previously disclosed rights already
mine - (if, for no other reason) by virtue of current valid protection,
obtained previously. All formal attempts - to fully claimed, and clearly
defined subject matter [repeatedly] submitted - have been, (purposefully)
distorted and suppressed. I am not interested in placing the blame for this,
so much as I am interested in securing the primary rights to which I [alone]
am entitled. My prior claims are well documented by a host of non-helpful
people including (and especially) those within U.S.P.T.O.
These well documented claims, preclude the “patentability” of others.
Despite the knowledge - of my “prior conception” and the fact that such
patents , actually represent nothing “new or novel” added [ to what I had
repeatedly submitted earlier in good faith] - such bogus patents have willfully &
blatantly, been “issued“. We consider such action (in addition to being invalid)
- totally deplorable.
As a result, we hold our well documented truths, to be self-evident.
This is to notify your office that we will denounce the authority of any individual or
group of individuals, who will diminish, or not uphold the truth - be it in any forum.
If we witness, those previously claimed rights being granted to others, by your “office”
be assured , our reaction will be heard - worldwide.
We expect for your office to now find, or invent some way - to achieve 3 things.
(paramount… to ensuring your continued existence)
Your immediate goals:
A) Recognize obvious “truth“ - then, do the right thing.
B) Properly assess and validate my pioneering rights.
C) Avoid becoming “irrelevant” in the eyes of the World.
If I do not immediately receive the respect to which I am entitled - as a “primary inventor”
that lack of respect will be resonated worldwide and your game will be rendered obsolete.

arnie goldman wrote:
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 14:14:46 -0800 (PST)
From: arnie goldman
Subject: Patent System Reform Ideas

To those it should concern,
the thoughts to follow - are my response to the important
web article found at:


Although my "primary advancement" occurred in an
area that is relatively insignificant in today's World,
my 1987 conception [which encompassed total Bowling
Ball Dynamics Control - through rapid grip modulation]
was nonetheless "pioneering". In fact, it still is - largely
because the "system" itself has effectually suppressed
my 5 formal attempts to properly convey it to the world.
Sadly, it seems that the "system" - [working in tandem
with a bevy of clowns who call themselves Patent Attys.]
is more preoccupied with raking in huge "fees" for, then,
processing our unique disclosures ( while stalling us).

They then "Issue" piece by piece - those same claims
to virtually anyone who comes down the pike afterward.
Whether the later [bogus] patent then issues to a person
who [innocently] was led to believe they had indeed invented
that which was truly "new and novel"... or - a blatantly obvious
"patent infringer" ... it's of no real consequence to the system,
because they (Pat. office & lawyers) - will benefit regardless.

Inventor the name of the game.
A "patent" merely gives one the right to sue.
But - at whose expense...the true Inventor's??
Such defense action typically could cost an
innocent inventor $150,000. to $1,000,000. -
and that's / per infringer !

If you're lucky enough to have enough real money
to contemplate defending what you believe are your
"unquestionable" rights [because you have a patent...]
be prepared to lose that money to the "system" - and...
someone like me - because my earlier technology was
by design, deliberately suppressed by the "system"...
(I feel) for that intended purpose.

Your idea - for intellectual property "transparency"
- in my opinion is a good step in the right direction,
providing of course, we can pull the Congress
out of the back pockets of "big business" type
corporate entities - long enough for them to listen to it.
Other practical examples of transparency could possibly
be instituted as well. They could include such possibilities as:

A) Videotaping initial preliminary conversations, as well as
all subsequent proprietary disclosures - that take place
between inventors & lawyers, in order to establish exact
date, and extent of - "original conception". This could also
serve to monitor the effectiveness of the entire process,
as well as the true "integrity" of all parties involved.

B) Eliminate the use of "patentese" - which, is the foreign language
now commonly used only - to disguise and convolute the "truth".
Communicating intellectual property should always be conducted
openly and reduced to a level that puts everyone on an equal
playing field, in both understanding and entitlement - regardless,
of an inventors level of academic intelligence, or their ability to pay.

C) Malpractice suits should be the order of the day, assessing the blame
where it rightfully belongs on the system itself and it's partners...
the corrupt attorneys who deliberately try to complicate the simple.
The firm's insurance should pay the entire bill - not the innocent.
Then the firm would only hire and employ the most ethical lawyers.
The poor ones would thus be eliminated by virtue of their own track
record which would then be held (by the firm) to the highest standards.
The Lawyer - is made accountable for their own actions, or inactions.
The Firm - is in turn held accountable for their employee's actions.
If a lawyer screws up enough - they're gone.
If a firm has a repeated history of lawyer mishaps, it would subsequently
then, not be able to afford the appropriately elevated rate of (mandatory)
Malpractice Insurance required for them to stay in business.
The insurance companies would be liable for all justified claims.
Inventors rights should be upheld by law, ideally reimbursed by government.
We need a crackdown on people who write and submit "bad patents"
as well as - the "examiners" who (often deliberately) issue them.

D) Inventions better the world and it's economy - by creating more jobs.
Inventors, should be paid (a good deal more than basketball players
or movie stars) - for their contribution to mankind.

Life will go on without the first two examples...but where will we be
without innovators??

I say - minimally,
we must all scream bloody murder...
until they hear us.

A.G. / Primary Inventor