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Monday, July 16, 2007

New York Inventor & author speaks out !

06/07 - wrote:
Dear Arnie,

While browsing the internet on the "Findlaw" website, I came across your Oct. 7, 2002 e-mail to Mitch Albom, regarding your Perfecta Grip invention. You mentioned how a fraudulent and corrupt patent system had allowed others to infringe and steal your invention. In trying to get press regarding your problem, you stated that most won't touch the subject for fear of challenging a government system. You also mentioned that you picketed a former law firm for 3 days before you got TV coverage regarding your problem.
I can sympathize with you, because I've also been taken by a corrupt patent system, plus a corrupt judicial system. In my case I invented a bowling ball covered by Pat. No. Re. 34,614. To talk about corruption in the Patent Office, it took me 12 years to receive the patent, because Patent Office Examiners favor corporations, and therefore, try to force independent inventors into receiving the weakest patent protection possible, so that corporations can easily circumvent or outright steal the patent. This is just the tip of the iceberg, because if you are an independent inventor and successful in receiving strong patent protection, you will more than likely get involved in court litigation, and encounter corrupt federal judges. Since the federal court system favors corporations with the big bucks, your patent will be invalidated, as my patent was.
Since you mentioned that you had a hard time getting press to expose the corrupt patent system, you can imagine the problem I had trying to get press to expose the corrupt United States judicial system. To expose corrupt federal court judges, I picketed the federal courthouse, and was completely ignored by newspaper an TV news media, because of judicial terrorism. Since I was unsuccessful in getting news media coverage, I wrote a book that exposes the corruption occurring in the U.S. Patent Office and the U.S. Federal Courts.
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Joseph A. Gentiluomo